Could you create a trailer for Bodkin Ras? This is your chance to prove it!

How would you like to get a free pass to 2014′s Edinburgh International Film Festival? Would you also like to have a one hour consultation from a producer from Revolver, not to mention some digital Bodkin treats?

ClapperOur Mashup Competition is now open for entries! We are inviting you to create a teaser trailer no longer than 2 minutes for Bodkin Ras which does the film’s documentary and thriller elements justice. A trailer is the first thing the audience see and, more often than not, it will hugely effect someone’s decision to see the film or not. With so many trailers around that follow the exact same formula, we want you to think outside of the box – show us something that makes this film look like the unique and intriguing project that it is!

It is not an easy task – the clips provided are short and will really require you to show your editing talents! We also provide a 2 minute song clip which can be used for audio. No experience is required, just an eye for excitement and the tools needed to edit. Also, there is   no limit on entries, so try out a few and start sharing your favourite! You can add your own visual and sound effects however no additional footage or music can be added (for a complete list of rules, see here) so it’s a challenge to make something completely different that will grab people’s attention!

The first part of the competition is all down to you. Once your entry is uploaded to Vimeo, you need to get sharing! Tell your friends, family, classmates, pets and anyone you see in the street to like your video because a shortlist will then be put together with the videos with the most likes. You can tweet us and we’ll help out by giving your video a retweet, but if you don’t get the likes, you won’t get the prizes! Include ‘Bodkin Ras Mashup’ in your title so we can find your video easily. Once the shortlist has been announced, the Bodkin Ras team including writer/director Kaweh Modiri will chose one winner who will receive feedback, all the prizes mentioned above, and their trailer will be on our website, Facebook and Twitter!

Kaweh says: “I am looking for trailers that introduce both our main character as well as the context of the town where the story takes place. I am looking for trailers that tickle the imagination, and ask to be shared, retweeted and talked about. Good luck!”

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These are the kind of prizes that can get you started in the independent film industry whether you are an editor, producer writer or director. Do not miss out on this competition – it’s free to enter so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

You can download the clips here.

The Closing Date for entries is 22/05/14, so what are you waiting for? Get editing!