How To Get Your Copy of Bodkin Ras

We hope you are excited to see Bodkin Ras – we are certainly looking forward to showing you it! That’s why you can help us by contributing, and at the same time secure your copy of the film. Check out all the unique packages below.


There is a variety of ways to download a copy of our film Bodkin Ras.  Recently introduced is our new featured perk which gets you a download of Bodkin Ras at a limited “Early Bird” rate of £10, upon the film’s completion. There are only a certain number of these available, so to get your film for excellent value then do it now to avoid disappointment!

For a unique insight into a filmmaker’s vision, a director’s cut of Bodkin Ras can be purchased for £20. In addition to this, there are a number of perks that are guaranteed to interest excite both filmmakers and film lovers alike. We have a range of £30 bundles, all of which include a digital copy of the film, as well as additional Bodkin Ras content specially tailored towards Musicians, Artists, Writers, and Directors, with signed copies of scripts, soundtracks and artwork all on offer.

If you are a Forres local or plan on visiting anytime soon, get your place at the town screening for just £25! Again, the number of tickets available are limited so get your ticket while you can! The screening will be attended by the cast and crew and there will be a chance to have a chat with them after.

For creatives with an idea, a contribution of £100 will get you a 20-minute one to one session with Kaweh Modiri, where you can discuss your current or future film/art project. This would be an invaluable experience for aspiring filmmakers/artists. Remember, Kaweh has won awards for his filmmaking, but he is also a published novelist and an exciting artist, so your project can be anything and he’ll have some interesting points and great advice. This perk also comes with a digital copy of Bodkin Ras so you don’t miss out!

Are there any more perks you’d like to see from us? Take a look at the full list on our campaign page.

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