Indiegogo Champion Competition – Your Name in the Credits!

How would you like to help us out with our crowdfunding campaign and have the chance to win a free download of the film along with a personal credit in the film and on IMDB?

Our Indiegogo campaign is underway and we can’t thank those of you who have spread the word and contributed enough! We need to keep up the contributions throughout the whole campaign if we are to reach our target, and this competition gives you a chance to make that happen. Follow the instructions below to share our campaign page and you can win some amazing prizes!

How to Take Part:

1: Grab Your Link

Find your unique URL for our IndieGoGo campaign. You must be registered with IndieGoGo and signed in to view your unique link to our campaign page. You’ll see your link right underneath the pitch video. We’ve pointed it out for you in the pic below:

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 14.41.37


2: Share it!

Get your link out there! Tweet it, post it on Facebook, blog it, Tumble it – share it as widely, broadly and frequently as you possibly can. The more your link gets seen, the better your chance of winning.

3: Get Cheered On

We can track how many people you are referring to our IndieGoGo page. Once we see that you are sending lots of visitors our way, we’ll start helping you out by mentioning you on Twitter and Facebook!

4: Claim Your Prize

The person who refers the most people to our Indiegogo page will be announced as the Champion! You will receive a free download of the film and will get your name in the credits and on IMDB as a special thank you.

It won’t take you long to take part, so get sharing and work your way towards a credit in this exciting international co-production. This competition will run until the end of the Indiegogo Campaign.

Good luck!



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