Mashup Competition Shortlist Revealed!

Promoting his film Mommy at Cannes 2014 last week, director Xavier Dolan told press: “When I write a film, I have already made the trailer”. This affirms the importance of the huge importance and effect of a film trailer. There are a number of factors that can make or break an effective trailer, and creating one that grabs audiences is a skill more complicated than many realise. In the run up to a film’s release the ability to give the audience enough of a glimpse into what a film is about, while at the same time leaving enough of a sense of intrigue and ambiguity to compel them to find out more is one of the most important and effective tools in a filmmakers arsenal.

Taking this into consideration, we asked applicants to create an enticing and exciting 2-minute taster video for our Bodkin Ras Mashup Competition. We looked for entrants to showcase their editing talents by creating a dynamic teaser trailer for the film. We wanted a trailer that informed the audience; reflecting the genre through the use of editing, non-diegetic music and on screen text to create atmosphere, tone and mood.

The deadline has now passed, and we are delighted with the entries. The standard was very high – what impressed us the most was not only the entrant’s technical knowledge of editing, but their grasp of the film, the style and the genre.  With all applicants working from the same brief, the level of variety amongst the trailers was a testament to the creativity and inventiveness of the applicants. We hope that the experience of editing with professional footage will come in handy for everyone involved, and we look forward to holding similar competitions in the future!

So without further ado, here is the shortlist for the Mashup Competition!

Sarah Theissen, Daniel Rodriquez, Monika Madurska and Jamie Webb


Congratulations to all involved and those of you who have made it to the judging portion of the competition. The winner will be picked by Kaweh Modiri and the Bodkin Ras team, and will be announced this week. We will contact you on Vimeo to let you know!

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