Revolver’s SUPERNOVA Premieres at Berlinale 2014

Director and actress Tamar van den Dop’s second feature film SUPERNOVA has been selected to premiere at this years Berlinale Festival. Her first feature film BLIND premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, where it was recieved positively.


Produced by Raymond van der Kaaij of Revolver – also behind Bodkin Ras, SUPERNOVA tells the story of a 15 year old girl trapped in a place where nothing happens except for the passing of time:

“Where Meis lives, absolutely nothing ever happens. She loses herself in wistful fantasies about love, sex and a world elsewhere. A refreshingly bizarre story that conveys, on all cinematic levels, a sense of immanent change.”

This moving, art house film focuses upon puberty, fantasy and sexuality and the opposing forces of missed opportunity and a dull life in the countryside. It will show as part of the Berlin International Film Festival’s Generation 14+ program, which showcases works thematically and aesthetically linked to the experiences of children and young people.

SUPERNOVA again illustrates production company Revolver’s love for contemporary, daring and unique films whose originality does not go unnoticed.

The Berlin International Film Festival runs 6.02.14-16.02.14.

For more information on Supernova visit: the Supernova Facebook page and the Supernova Twitter page.