Support Bodkin Ras on Indiegogo and Get Cool Perks

Our IndieGoGo campaign is officially live! We are raising the funds that are essential for our post production costs, and need YOU to get involved. We need £10,000 to complete the edit, music and grading of the film, and bring it up to Forres for a special screening. In return for your contribution, you can get your hands on some very nice perks, including downloads of the film, and invites to the screening.

After shooting the film in the summer of 2013, our writer/director Kaweh is extremely happy with what he has and is ready to begin the editing process. The film crew, who camped there for 2 months in the small town on the North coast of Scotland, mixed fact and fiction by including the real characters from the town in the film. Our fugitive Bodkin upset the small town’s quiet equilibrium by arriving in search of a fresh start, before his story became tangled with Lily’s – an 18 year old who wants to escape her boredom.

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The video on our campaign page has an interview with writer/director Kaweh Modiri in which he talks about the project and how you can help. It also features a new short trailer from the film with previously unseen footage including snippets of the incredible performances, some beautiful shots of Forres and a heartfelt poem from local and Bodkin Ras star, Red James.

We have a range of perks that your contributions will get you including social media shootouts, access to the script and artwork and, perhaps most importantly, a download of the film when it is ready!

This campaign is the final step before we are able to share the film with you, and with 3 years of passion and commitment from the cast and crew, we know it is going to be worth it! Any contribution helps us towards our goal, and if you are unable to give directly to the campaign you can still help us out by sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

Visit our IndieGoGo page now to get involved and grab your perks.