How To Get Your Copy of Bodkin Ras

We hope you are excited to see Bodkin Ras – we are certainly looking forward to showing you it! That’s why you can help us by contributing, and at the same time secure your copy of the film. Check out all the unique packages below. There is a variety of ways to download a copy […]

My Burglar and I – A Short Film by Kaweh Modiri

With Bodkin Ras, filmmaker Kaweh Modiri has mixed fact and fiction for fascinating results, but Modiri’s intriguing experimentation with film does not begin here. In 2011 he released Mijn Inbreker en Ik,¬†which translates as My Burglar and I, with extremely interesting results. On the verge of finishing his debut novel, Kaweh woke up one morning […]

Drama and Reality Collide in Award-Winning 20,000 Days On Earth

Bodkin Ras occupies the unknown space which lies between documentary and fiction, placing mysterious fictional character Bodkin Ras in the Scottish town of Forres. As the thriller unfolds, Bodkin interacts with locals: the only characters these real people play in the movie are themselves. Similarly, 20,000 Days On Earth occupies a space somewhere in between […]